Always get a fantastic cut/style at Unrulys. All the team understand curls and are also very knowledgable on colouring/highlights. Relaxed atmosphere.

I discovered Unruly about 10 years ago when they were based in Portobello Road. Michael cut my hair and from that moment on I was a regular. Michael really understands curly hair and he revolutionised the way I thought about and styled my hair. The whole team are really professional and friendly. Grace and Emma have also cut my hair occasionally and because the team work so well together, they knew exactly what I wanted. I haven't been to Unruly for ages as I've been trying local salons (sorry guys). Unfortunately, none live up to the Unruly standard so I'll be back there soon enough!


From the brushing leaving a head full of fuzz and feeling ripped of my personality to the dreaded hairdresser appointment to cut off my ringlets (thanks mum) and hairdressers doing a great wet cut that looks nothing like it ought when dry ... resulting in the tied bank (curly) pony and clip to make a geek look positively like a vogue model I have don the 'against the grain'. I learnt to love, cherish and flaunt my culrls which is a fabulous unique extension of my vivacious, strong and individual personality.


You either fight it or go with it .......I've gone with it..


Thank God for diffusers, curly products and my own confidence... I now have the love which is recognised in continents far and wide by those that feel my curl power extending to them. Children, next to chaps that just want to touch it, have the most love. My experiences in Thailand, India and Africa have just feed into the love.


Long live the curl

By Ruth

It’s so nice to have my curls cut by someone who is truly invested in what I want my curls to be and, more importantly, understands how to make that a reality. Curls are celebrated here, and you're in totally safe hands. Not just a haircut, its a collaboration and a totally fun experience. Thanks Grace! As soon as I'm back in London you're my first stop! Plus my hair keeps looking better and better each day xx

By Ally Harris

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Hello!! I had my hair done with Grace today and just wanted to say a massive thank you. It was the best atmosphere (loved the endless green tea) and Grace helped me to embrace my natural curls and I love them! A massive thank you

‘I just wanted to let you know I had a great time at the salon yesterday. Loved Michael and Tasha, they're both so talented and passionate about what they do. Michael, the director of the salon also referred to as ‘this guy really knows curls’ came along and we started talking about the mighty chop.’ Denisia, Polishing Colors  

"Have been meaning to write and say that I am chuffed to bits with my cut by Grace a couple of weeks ago. I was abit worried - she did exactly what I wanted and I love it! Thanks Grace, what a superstar!"Carla Obee

“Not your average salon. Unruly curls welcomed me into a new modern day salon!” Simone Powderly

“Had a complete hairstyle makeover last monday and loved it! Thanks grace for your amazing talent with curly hair, you literally resurrected my curls and for all the precious haircare advice. Unruly Curls will definitely be my motivation to visit London again.” Adhara Desombergh

“For the first time in year, I didn’t tie back my curls straight after i left the salon”

"I want to say that the cut is amazing, I’m really happy with it and will definitely be coming back for re styles – you really are the first hair dressers that actually understood my curly hair!" Becky

Hiya, I was there yesterday evening and got an awesome haircut :-) Got a bit shocked at first but now I love it! My curls are happy. Cut by Grace

“Definitely the best haircut I've had in London- and the first time both the salon and stylist have given me such a great, expert and enjoyable experience!” Charlotte

“My hair after visiting Unruly Curls, they do epic curly hair days” @Ang_hee


“Definitely the best haircut in ages! Thanks to Claudio for restoring my faith in  curly haired cuts! And having my haircut to 90’s R&B is a definite bonus- not an experience i will be keeping on the down low- everyone must know!” @ Francesca Caterina 

Thank you again for the wonderful haircut and experience today- Alyssa

First time at Unruly Curls and a little apprehensive .

Normally I test out new hairdressers but as this one was so far my mum and I decided to take the plunge together. It`s a quirky place but I loved it both of us walked out with genuine smiles on our faces.

Emma did my mum`s hair and she got it just right, my mum came out with the volume she used to have it looks like thick healthy hair rather than thinning limp curls. Emma also gave her excellent advice regarding hair colour.

Grace did my hair and I love her so much she looked at my hair and knew exactly what to do. I`ve never liked my hair or been happy when I`ve looked in the mirror, but now I can't stop looking at it, it looks how I`ve always hoped it could look and most importantly this is a week later with me washing and styling it myself, it still looks as good as when Grace had finished. She made a slight adjustment to how I style my hair and my son says it has taken 10 years off me, what more could anyone want.

Thank you so much X

Message: I cannot say thank you enough, my hair is wonderful X


By Annaleisa Gordon

Hey there!

“I recommend Unruly Curls for all my Naturals who fear the chair and always leave feeling they don’t get an experience that they wanted. It was surprising but really nice to actually being asked my opinion on creativity but even more great to see a Salon giving the client as much open space to direct.” Simone Powderly

“I was in safe hands at Unruly Curls Salon and Michael worked wonders on my mane.” Davina, The London Curls

“Naturally curlie, and naturally biased towards michael after finding him seven years ago. for the experience if you're a curlie whirlie why would you go to anyone else? i will always remember my first visit to his salon and finding a sea of other curlie girlies - it was such a blast... x” Jane Tennant

Harpers Bazaar S/S

Harpers Bazaar S/S

“For anyone with curly, frizzy, wavy or wild hair, I can thoroughly recommend Unruly Curls in Latimer Road.” @Jenspringall

“Thank you so much Michael! I left thinking what more could a woman ask for in a man? Wealth of experience, passion and created a salon that’s comfortable and private for clients! I truly applaud you for the knowledge you gave me, tlc to my mane and giving me the opportunity to bring the lioness out on camera! I cant wait to see the final shots!” Simone Powderly

“First time I’ve come out the hairdressers actually happy with my hair!” @Saronya

                      Emma and Grace working their magic at the Unruly Curls Studio

                      Emma and Grace working their magic at the Unruly Curls Studio

“Thanks so much Unruly Curls, girl really knows curls” @Amyholmes18

“Absolutely couldn’t be happier with my cut and colour from Michael and the lovelies at Unruly Curls” @Maystery

“Would honestly recommend Unruly Curls to anyone, thanks so much Emma” @hagarxo

“Grace cut my hair on Thursday and she's just fabulous! She listened to exactly what I wanted and I am really thrilled with the results. Plus, to top it off, she's an absolute sweetheart!” Carla Obee