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For those of you with lots of time and little funds to spare

We strive to be the very best. We work hard and train double hard.  We need people to help us perfect our skills. Contact us through the contacts page or better still email us with your availability and a recent photo. If you look suitable to the needs of whoever is in training at that time we will call you in. You will be well taken care of and we promise no four hour long nightmares. We are all already properly trained. We are simply looking to improve. Limited spaces exist but you will be kept on record.

Your favourite product

We understand the crucial difference the right product can make to you walking out looking schmoking hot or hideous. We love learning of new products - many clients offload their half used ones to get our opinion. Naturally as you'd expect we are well on our way to developing what we hope to be the best ever curl enhancing product range (well styling cream, shampoo and conditioner). We truly appreciate your thoughts on what you think you'd like to find or have found. Talk to us, email us. Tell us all. DONT keep it a secret!!!


Unruly Curls, 2 Peoples Hall, 2 Olaf Street, London W11 4BE,

T: 020 7243 1030 E: info@unrulycurls.com

Hours: Tue - Fri 10am - 10pm, Sat 10am - 7pm