We are often asked about our payments methods, parking and treatment. lease find below the questions we are most often asked and gve us a call if you need to know more.

Q: Do you Take Credit/Debit Cards or Cheques?


Q: Do you perm or relax hair?

A: No. We do not and never will. We literally HATE these treatments (Processes actually - treatment suggests they are good). We specialise in natural texture. We are here to spare you the misery of dried out, frayed, limp or spilt hair. We are here to help you understand your hair not throw more crap at it. Its nasty and breaks down the bio structure in your hair no matter what the so called professional (Sales driven fool) says.  

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yep, £1.30 per hour up to 10 hours (only a few of our clients stay that long). or if you have a K&C permit you are all good.

Q: Can I bring my baby/dog/husband/carer/guru to my appointment?

A: We love people, pets and babies. But there is a chance you won't be the only client here spending good money hoping to relax. Please try to limit the size of your entourage and keep them in check.

Q: Will I get a thorough consultation with my stylist before my haircut/colour?



A: Absolutely, we ALWAYS have a decent consultation. If you are ever in a situation in any salon where they don't - Get up QUICK, leave and call us and book.

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NB- Booking line hours differ from salon opening times- please listen to answer phone message for further details. When sending booking requests in the interest of saving time please provide information as to your preferred stylist level, time of day and dates.

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