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We are a union of independent freelance hair and make-up artists with a broad set of skills. Each of our team has an established clientele and our own unique (sometimes - unorthodox) way of working.  We work with all hair/skin types on people from all walks of life.  

We offer our expertise in a creative studio space in Notting Dale in the backstreets of London's Notting Hill. We are professionals who have decided to opt out of the hum-drum convention of typical salon life and are doing it our way - a better way. 



Unruly Curls - formerly known as Hair & Make-Up Dept.

A while ago we were once working at Unruly Studio, then Michael branched off to set up Hair & Make-Up Dept, and now finally its just called Unruly Curls. The business name has changed but the focus, quality, services and people remain the same. If you'd like to hear the full - rather uninteresting story, just ask when you are next in.



It is often remarked that we have stylists that "specialise in curly hair". It's true. We do. Well at least following 12+ years of popular acclaim for his work with curly hair - Michael Price (former director at Unruly Studio and Hair & Make-up Dept) has set about devising a unique way to approach any natural hair texture. Curly, straight, wavy, thick or thin. 

Fascinatingly this unique way is very, very simply to appreciate what a persons hair WANTS to do, rather than what we as hairdressers are able to do with our skills, brushes, dryers etc.  

Combining and exploring this simple concept and the knowledge learned along the way, means we are all adept with several ways of managing curly hair specifically. Equally it has offered us an even firmer appreciation for all other hair types/textures. Admittedly this all might sound rather much like common sense and perhaps less of a "speciality", however even in London in this present day, too many hairdressers still fail to appreciate and understand this concept fully. We are happy to say we know the difference.  


 Michael Price - Director Unruly Curls

Michael Price - Director Unruly Curls


"I am trying to change things for curly haired people. The idea that they enter a salon with this base level expectation just to not look stupid, is crazy. What if they actually want to look HOT?"


Michael Price

Unruly Curls

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