Too hot to handle?

With the summer comes sunshine, humidity, showers and steamy days - these can have us curly girls in a state of panic come a friday night out or monday morning work meeting! So we hate to break it to you but we have decided it is officially the toughest season for managing curly hair. Post years of this unrest it's time to come up with a foolproof manual to protect your barnet from those turbulent summer days.

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Keep your cool:

Keep conditioners and styling products cool and store in a fridge: your hair will feel extra refreshed and it will be a welcome change from the heat on your scalp. 

Stay Hydrated

It sounds simple however it is your best bet at keeping a healthy and hydrated head of hair. Summers most loved drinks from Iced coffee to alcohol can be incredibly dehydrating, for every glass of alcohol make sure you top up with a pint of water.

Step Away from the Shampoo

In the summer we are more likely to sweat and swim which in turn means a lot of showers. If you do shower, do not be tempted to wash your hair every time, simply wet the hair without using shampoo and conditioner and wash with these products 3 times a week. This will leave hair with more moisture and bounce.

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Keep it Natural

Your hair will be naturally dried out from the humidity and sunshine in the summer so don't make it worse by artificially drying and using heated products on your hair. Try to leave enough time in your day to naturally dry your hair, it will make a significant difference to the texture and moisture of your hair.

Leave-in Conditioners

When hair is exposed to wind, sea salt, humidity and sunshine it is likely to frizz and become difficult to manage. Post wash apply a leave in to your hair cuticles and allow to dry naturally. The conditioner should tame frizz whilst keep curls lively and voluminous. 

Fragile When Wet

Tying hair into a tight ponytail or brushing when wet  is a curly no-no which can cause major split ends. Our remedy is to apply a little coconut oil and using your hands brush your hair. If you need to tie wet hair up in the heat use an Invisibobble hair band which leave no traces and is gentle on your hair.

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Wrap Star

If all the heat gets too much and you need to just wrap it up then we suggest a silk scarf! They have come back into fashion within the last few months and Liberty, Zara and H&M and leading the way. Silk is better on your hair than any other fabric, it protects from breakages and frizz. You could always buy a vintage scarf from a local market such as Portobello and learn the many ways to tie one of these beauties! Here is one we found earlier...