Donna Summer

Donna Summer is one of our curl icons. We love her big curls alongside her fabulous style.

The Queen of Disco was not only famed for ruling the charts in the disco era but also for her voluminous curly hair. She embraced her curls and made them sexy. Her daughters were also lucky enough to inherit her beautiful curls.

Here are some of our favorite of her curly dos.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic Apple Cider has been used as a natural hair care product for a long time. The acidity is close to that of natural hair and is a good conditioner, cleansing agent and germ killer.

Four ways that Apple Cider Vinegar may help your hair:

1.     Tightening the cuticle

2.     Helps to lock conditioner into your hair

3.     Removes shampoo residue

4.     Itchy scalp relief

5.     Home remedy for head lice

Sonia Rykiel Know's How

Sonia Rykiel, whether she is designing a winding and infinite knitted scarf for Paris Fashion Week or popping round to the sandwich shop around the corner (where she has a sandwich named after her!) is and will always be famous for her golden, naturally sexy, crazy curly hair. 

She takes it to the runway and she brings it to the publishing houses for her editorial shoots. This is one woman who implements a bit of her curl into every design she does!

SONIA RYKIEL Maison Martin Margiela.jpg

Our tools of the trade... (we thought you ought to know)

We are obviously a bit nifty with curly hair, all hair actually but right here we are bragging about our work with curls. Here is our list of the tools we use to get the looks we are so proud of. After-all one of the most common complaints we hear is - "I can never get my hair to look as you do when I get home". Well, we can show you what to do, give you a great cut and colour, but beyond that if you go home and use different products and crappy tools from highstreet shops (even if branded "Professional") we doubt you'l have great success. Years ago I remember a friend asking me to fix her hair up just before we set out. I (reluctantly) said yes. she whipped out her dryer, some big awful cheap thing with a short flex and no nozzle. It felt rubbish in my hand and then when I fired it up, a faint whoosh of nothing followed by an intense burning heat. Exactly what you do not want. Its bizarrely a minefield of junk tools out there. even brushes, combs, hairbands, pins, towels. We have years of experience and are glad to share our favourites.