New season hair care survival tips

It’s that time of year when we round up all of our research over the summer on how to mend your dehydrated, sun soaked locks and get them ready for the (dare we say it) colder months. 

  • Firstly pick a cleansing shampoos: This alternative to a weighty-sulfate packed shampoo is developed specifically for curly hair. The job of a cleansing shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and stimulate cells whilst removing dirt particles and build-up, which can create dull and dry hair. 

The result: Healthier more defined curls

Product: Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

  • Secondly, as small as it may seem try not to touch your hair! 

Particularly for tight to mid-coil curls, touching your hair whilst it is drying can break up your curl pattern which disrupts the curl pattern and can create frizziness and split ends. 

If your hair is more on the wavy side then we would suggest working in a curl product whilst it is still wet and then leaving it to dry. if you can’t wait for it to dry naturally then use a diffuser on a mid heat and take your time. 

  • Last but not least, keep bleach to a bare minimum in the months it will take to mend broken hair. As most curly hair is naturally dry, the use of bleach can send it over the edge. If you do need a root touch up or fancy a change then we suggest using a PH balanced and moisturizing cleansing conditioner to lock in moisture and rebalance the scalp