My Forever Salon...

We love to hear your feedback of your experience at the studio and although we hate to boast, we were so happy with this email that we felt the need to share it with you guys. Please share your feelings with us either on our google page or by emailing

The email below was by the lovely Ciar, thank you again for such positivity. 

5 reasons I recommend Unruly Curls, to every curly person I meet!

1. Literally the only salon I have ever really trusted after a haircut. In fact, I literally travel nearly 2 hours each way to come here. 
2. My hair has never felt better or required less fuss to look good daily than since I started coming here. Totally redefined what I expect from "a good hair day" - its not just nice for the 30mins after you leave the salon!
3. They recommend the best products, not the expensive ones. Seriously, I've saved a LOT.
4. The staff are lovely. They genuinely take your input - on what insane quirks/tendencies your hair has, how you wear it, if you want it big etc.
5. Pride. In a nutshell, I haven't straightened my hair once since I started coming here.