Colouring Hair; What to do

What effect does colouring curls have? Bleach and harsh chemicals which can be used to dye hair can be damaging to the cuticle layer which will cause dryness and can lead to a coarse, straighter hair if not cared for correctly.  appearance with a lack of lustre and shine.


Pre-Colour: Wash your hair before coming into our studio when having your hair coloured. We would encourage you to use natural oils a week before you come in for your appointment however make sure they are totally washed out before you come in. Oil coats the hair which makes it difficult for colour to take.

Post-Colour: Ideally wait up to 3 days to wash your hair after having it colored- we know a lot of you guys like to wash your hair once a week so if you can hold out slighter longer we would recommend it. Our stylist Emma has recently recommended my curly blonde hair - TIGI CATWALK Fashionista Violet Shampoo & Conditioner and it worked a treat! No brassy colour and a glossy shiny texture. If you have a particular brand you like to use or have had your hair darkened then ask at the salon for a personal recommendation and the stylists will have a list of great products for you to covet.