Booze, body image and coming out of the curl closet…By Saphia H

All images found on Saphia's blog

All images found on Saphia's blog

Long term client, talented writer, business manager, blogger... the list could go on when we talk about Saphia H and her multitude of talents! Saphia just dropped a blog post which most of our readership can emphasise with - What it's like to come out of the curl closet! We have paraphrased below however we would seriously recommended you read the whole thing on her BLOG and check out her social media too on Twitter and Instagram


"Anyway, I digress slightly, fast forward to my early 20’s where I met an amazing hair dresser – Michael Price Founder of Unruly in West London. He’s a curly hair genius, known for making girls totally fall back in love with their curls. He’s currently writing a self help book for the curly gurly out there who needs help finding the love again for hers – look out for it the man’s a genius. So after 8 years of seeing him and asking him to blow dry it straight, I decided only a month ago to brave it and let my curls my free.

Tentatively sitting in the chair feeling totally vulnerable I said to him “I just want you to make my curls look hot” He swivelled me round looked straight into my eyes smiling he said, ‘Im going to let you into a little secret mate, the key to true hotness isn’t how I make your curls look, its how you feel about them”

Clever c*nt (I jest)

But he’s got a point, and now I’m on this journey of recovery, it’s like something inside me is just pushing me to step further and further into my own skin and stop hiding. There’s nothing to be scared of anymore. I’ve spent years scared of myself and not trusting me. Those days are gone and so the curls are out and proud! Is it easy to unravel years of thinking a certain way – No! I want to run and grab my hair straighteners and straighten the life out of them every time I get a funny look.

Someone I know and respect actually saw them for the first time a few weeks ago, she looked at me for a long time then said ‘So what did you do? Perm your hair?’ Me ‘No, this is my natural hair’ Her ‘Oh right, so is it always going to be like that’ ?


As insignificant as that sounds when you’ve just come out of the curl closet that is NOT what you want to hear. I actually fought back the tears and tied my hair up, strapped on my armour for the day and she was none the wiser." Saphia H, Read More at: