Meet Grace, the latest member to join the Unruly team who has brought with her years of experience, a love of curls and an unruly mane all of her own. Grace has gained a reputation for her ability to cut and colour curls to an equally high standard. A chilled personality and easygoing nature help to put all her clients at ease, especially the ones whose first time it is to venture into a curly specialist. Learn a little more about top tunes, inspiration and why she started to work with curls below...

How long have you worked with hair?
Since the age of 16, so 10 years

Do you have a signature cut or style?
Hard to say because I like styling all hair types and working with clients to achieve a look that works for them.

What do you love about working with curls?
What I love most about it is being able to demonstrate ways in which to fully embrace ones natural curl with just a few simple styling techniques.

 Curls by Grace, testimonial by

Curls by Grace, testimonial by

Your best word to describe curly hair?

Favourite song to play at the studio?
Anything 90s, anything r'n'b

What / who inspires you?

Do you have a hair tip you can share with us curly girls?
Don't use a towel!