The return of the silver fox

We aren’t going to spout about how age is just a number, because you already know that. What we will do in this post is talk about how to make the most of your strongest fashion statement. Those grey locks will need a little tweaking to stay in great shape so we have outlined your hair-care regimen to let your natural unruly grey hair bounce bright. .


If your hair is ever looking raggedy or driving you crazy with tangles and flyaways, the first thing you should think about is, when did you last get it cut. It is essential to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks for easier manageability and healthier hair. 

Grey hair is vulnerable to breakage at the ends and all over discolouration, prevent this process with a hydrating shampoo that contains antioxidants which helps protect grey hairs from becoming brittle.  Aveda's pure plant blue malva color shampoo is an organic alternative to high street shampoo which gently cleanses your hair and scalp whilst enhancing your colour.

If your hair is naturally curly and grey your hair will need an extra hand in moisturising, because gray hair typically has a coarse, more brittle texture than pigmented hair. A conditioner such as Lee Stafford ArganOil from Morocco Nourishing Conditioner locks in moisture to help maintain your hairs natural moisture balance. 

Deep Condition
Apply a large amount of organic coconut oil once a week to your hair to restore moisture that is lost along with the pigment when your hair goes grey. I would suggest keeping the oil on your hair for as long as possible (maybe overnight) and rinse in the morning. A top tip from our stylist Emma is to massage shampoo into your hair before rinsing, if you rinse with water before shampooing the water will slide off of your hair leaving it greasy and unmanageable. 

Grey hair can turn yellow and brass because of external factors such as pollution, smoking and the wrong shampoo. For bright and sparkly silver hair use a subtly cool-hued toner such as Pure Silver Conditioner by Philip Kingsley to give your hair a cool sheen and help offset any yellowing that may occur.