Unruly Gets to Know You...

Our wonderful clients have been showing there support for us and we thank you all! We have been gathering as much market research on how we can improve your locks post styling visit in order to produce a collection tailored for curly haired women. 

Read on to see a few snippets on what you guys have shared with us so far...

What do you love about curly hair?

"It is big and messy and I can roll out of bed, shake it out, and be on my way."

"The wow factor. It's unusual. It also goes swish nicely."

"Volume, chaos."

What 3 words would you say best describe yourself?

"Vitality. Passion. Verve"

What are your top 2 curly hair care products?

"Been using Tigi Bed Head, Small talk since I was 15 - it's amazing. I#m experimenting with Skimdo and whilst it looks great on day 1 - day 2 doesn't which is it's USP. I slather it in coconut oil which is great." 

Describe for us your most negative experience at a hair salon...

"Too many to list them all but they inevitably involve hairdressers who don't understand that curly hair isn't straight, so: - apply industrial quantities of hair gel / hair spray, then blow dry while brushing to produce hideous frizz which they then try to compensate for by applying more gel/spray/humectant/frankly whatever they can get their hands on - say "Sure, sure, i'll just take a bit off, don't worry, i've done this before", then comb the hair straight and cut across at the agreed length. Inevitably results in a horrible ear-length triangle bob."


If you haven't completed our quick survey yet head over to www.unrulycurls.co.uk/hair-care-survey/ and help us to gather info on what you guys are in desperate need one when it comes to curly products!