The London Curls X Unruly Curls PT.2


Where is your favourite place to socialise in London?

I feel like such a Hipster saying this, but you can't beat a bitta Shoreditch! There is such a chilled out, creative vibe there with delicious multicultural foods to sample and live bands' galore. It is also a place where people can dress exactly how they want to dress without feeling judged and my afro goes down a treat whenever I go there!

What are your top 2 curly products

DEFINITELY Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner as it is cheap, moisturising and melts away knots in seconds. Then of course I would have to say Kinky Curly Curling Custard as I've never come across another product that leaves my curls so defined and shiny!

What are your thoughts on cutting hair wet vs dry?

This question is interesting, as I have searched high and low for a curly hair salon, but have only ever found places that would cut my hair when it was straight. Therefore, the last time I went somewhere to get my hair cut, I went into a hairdressers in a Mall and asked them to trim my freshly straightened hair. However, When my hair was relaxed, I was always told that your hair should be wet when cut, however I just assumed that this wouldn't be possible with my hair being so curly.

 I have trimmed my hair myself when it was in wet twists, but I have never given myself a styled cut, however I would assume cutting it when it is in a dry, curly state would be the best option, so that you can see what the finished look would look like. The last thing you want is to cut your curls when wet then have it shrink to half that length once it is fully dry!