Introducing The London Curls X Unruly Curls

This month we teamed up with the gorgeous Davina from the inspiring curly hair Vlog The London Curls. We know you curly girls like to be in the know with latest trends, top tips and industry secrets so we have quizzed Davina on how she keeps her barnet looking too hot when winter strikes! 

UC: What 3 words would best describe yourself?

TLC: Passionate, loving and incredibly sarcastic (as I'm sure my students would agree)

UC: Do you have any tips for how to be on trend this winter?

TLC: The ombre look was really hot this summer, however winter weather is far less forgiving than the summer sun, so maintaining the bleached look can be difficult. That's why my tip is to go for a warmer autumn shade, such as chestnut or mahogany, which will be a lot easier to maintain than the bleach and will bring much needed warmth in these miserable, windy, rainy London days.

UC: Would you give your 16 year old curly self any advice on how to treat your barnet better?

TLC: If I could go back in time to my 16 year old self, I would tell her to back away from the relaxer, stop trying so hard to fit in with the typical London 'rude girl' look and stop wearing that ridiculous side fringe over your eye! It took a lot for me to stop conforming by relaxing my hair, but once I kicked the creamy crack to the curb when I was 17 I wished I had big chopped much sooner. 

UC: Who is your hair icon?

TLC: This is going to be such an obvious response, but Solange Knowles. I love the fact that she has shown the world how versatile and fashionable curly hair is, and how she isn't ashamed to switch up her style by adding extensions. I wish I could still say that Mel B from the Spice Girls was my icon - as she got me through a LOT when I was a young girl - but I'm really not feeling her slick bob. Bring back the curls, Mel!

UC: What do you love about having curly hair?

TLC: I love the fact I can wake up wanting curly, straight, afro or even wavey hair and it is all possible. Naturally curly hair can be hard work, but it is so versatile, and once you love and look after your hair, you will quickly see amazing results.

UC: What inspired you to start your Vlog?

TLC: When I was younger, dealing with my hair was a massive struggle. My father is Nigerian with coarse afro hair, whereas my mother is European with not even the hint of a wave in her straight locks. Therefore, growing up my mother and grandmother would struggle endlessly trying to manage my thick, tight curls. As every young girl does when they get their hair done, I would cry and cry until it got the point where my family stopped doing it anymore (fearing they were somehow damaging my scalp). Needless to say, my hair quickly became matted and remained that way for a considerable amount of time in primary school until I was finally taken to a hairdressers who took 6 hours to comb through all my hair! My hair was quickly relaxed and my family breathed a sigh of relief to see the back off my angry afro.

It took me a few years, but I realised I wanted to embrace my natural curls, and at the age of 17 I was sure I would no longer need my family to comb my hair for me. Once I went natural, I struggled to understand what to do with my hair, but Youtube was a massive help! Therefore, I knew that I wanted to help other young girls learn how to look after their own hair, as well as helping parents of children with Afro/Curly hair understand what to do and what not to do to their delicate curls. There is nothing more satisfying than being told you have helped someone to embrace their natural hair and thats what keeps me vlogging about my curls!

Keep checking our blog for more Q's and A's with the gorgeous Davina from Unruly Curls.